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Top: Neroli, Orange, Lemon & Bergamot

Middle: Lavender, Clove, Rose, Jasmine & Geranium

Base: Sandalwood & Vanilla

They lived fast and reveled in life. It was 1952 and times were good. It was the height of

spring and the sky had brightened again. She let her head rest lazily on the back of the

seat, the wind cool on her face as they drove under the avenue of birch trees. She looked

up and watched the shadows rapidly move over her, losing herself in the clear blue sky. He

changed gears and roared with laughter as the speed thrust them forward. His sheepskin

lined leather jacket and sunglasses framed his handsomeness, his long hair whipping wildly

in the wind as he took her hand and smiled. They were the picture of high society gone

naughty, breakaway souls, fleeing for a better life. She felt the invincibility of youth and

love and let it warm her from the inside. She tucked a lose strand of hair back into the satin

scarf tied effortlessly around her head and let a smile spread across her face.

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