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Top: Apple, Bergamot

Middle: Nutmeg, Lavender

Base: Musks, Amber

A comfortable perfume for a gentleman.

"All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions."

Leonardo da Vinci

Their small faces were fixed on his every word. He was telling them the story of the petals

of salt and he paused momentarily, watching their eyes widen in anticipation. He told them

of the storms he endured at sea; storms so violent that when they passed, Mother Nature

felt great sorrow for inflicting such cruelty upon the sailors. To calm their nerves, she would

conjure beautiful clouds that danced above the boats in the shapes of flowers after the

storm had passed. Exhausted and shivering in their wet clothes, the sailors would be frozen

in wonder, standing on the deck of the boats, necks craned upwards, watching the clouds

spin and churn into botanical wonders of the heavens. The children looked to the sky and he

used his fingers to trace the imaginary dance of the petals of salt.

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