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Top: Lemon, Bergamot, Galbanum

Middle: Jasmine, Rose, Lilac

Base: Musk, Vetiver, Cedar-wood

The freshness of the galbanum and citrus gives way to a sweet bouquet of flowers. Woods

and musk bring strength to the bottom.

“My singular passion is perpetuating my legacy”

Shriji Arvind Singhji MewarThe Maharana of Udaipur

There was a mystic kind of electricity that filled the air that afternoon. She tried to focus in

on the feeling, letting it soak through her skin and penetrate the deepest points of her soul.

It was a feeling of light, love and appreciation of the moment. The ground was dry beneath

her feet and her steps crunched lightly over the small, thin leaves that littered the ground.

She could see the sun filtering through the Indian willows and her left ear caught the sound

of a bird lightly wallowing on surface of the lake. A peacock call echoed through the forest,

sending a delightful shiver through her. Then she saw him. A prince, dancing in the sunlight.

His clothes caught the brilliance of the light and dazzled her eyes in waves as he spun. She

was captivated. The electricity picked up in the air, moving through the forest and wrapping

itself around her, locking her inside a beautifully hidden world, something the she knew no

one would ever understand.

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