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Top: Lemon, Elemi, Juniper Berry

Middle: Incense, Cedarwood, Gaiacwood

Base: Patchouli, Vetyver, Amber, Oud

A sexy and mysterious woody accord mixing patchouli, vetyver ans precious oud,

illuminated by a fresh accord composed of lemon, incense and juniper berries.

“I’ve lost everyone. When you live long, you lose them all. What you do is open your heart

to everyone, and love them as much as you can.”

Bi Kidude

Give me a chance to awaken from sleep to the sun’s touch, soaking through my skin on

warming me from the inside. Give me a chance to swim the world’s oceans, to be

submerged by the deep blue and feel the thick salty liquid engulf and support my body.

Give me a chance to release my song, loud and passionately from deep within me and for

me to dance my body with others to the beats of the drums. Give me a chance Mourn a loss

so severe that my body aches and my mind is numb. Give me a chance to travel, to seek

adventure and the mysteries of the unknown. Give me a chance to laugh and find joy in the

people and places around me. Give me a chance to be in awe of nature and her beauty, of

the creatures and the ways of the world. Give me a chance to become inspired, to be swept

up with creative drive and determination. Give me a chance to know love so deeply that

without it the rest would mean nothing.

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