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Top: Lemon, Green Notes, Black Pepper

Middle: Rose, Oud, Orris, Lily Of The Valley

Base: Amber, Vetyver, Sandalwood

Many moons ago, when the forests were wide and the nights were clear people told the

story of the Neelam Nilgai, a large antelope that shone blue with sapphire horns. It would

graze on the grasslands in the light of a full moon and people would wait up in the night to

catch a glimpse of this mysterious creature. It was said to be so beautiful that if you were to

look into its eyes you would feel a tear run down your face. On rare occasions when a Blue

Moon occurred, the Neelam Nilgai would shed its horns spilling sapphires all across the

fields. The next morning people would run out to their pastures to try to spot the sapphires

sparkling blue brilliance among the soil. But the villagers did not plunder the land and sell

these jewels for they knew if they left them for the earth, they would receive good fortune

and a rich harvest. Even now, many years after children still keep an eye open a blue

sparkle to shine up from the earth and they know that the Neelam Nilgai had walked their


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