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Top: Bergamot, Raspberry

Middle: Rose, Guaiac wood, Powder

Base: Sandalwood, Musk, Cedar

The delicacy of a floral rosy accord enveloped by a soft sandalwood accord.

“Fashions have done more harm than revolutions.”

Victor Hugo

He presented her the amber shell, still with wet hair clinging to his face and his skin patted

with salt. She prised it open with a butter knife. Inside lay a single glistening pearl, in all its

iridescent glory. She picked it up and moved it over in her hand. It was truly beautiful. She

carried that pearl around her neck on a chain. She was proud of its beauty and wanted the

world to see. Over time she noticed the pearl began to lose its brightness. It was no longer

luminous. It was saddened and dull and she felt sorrow for having ripped it from its home

on the sea floor. She tried to polish and wash it with seawater but nothing would awaken its

glow. She grew unhappier as the pearl became duller. She went back to the sea and broke

the chain from around her neck. Rolling the pearl between her fingers one last time she

dangled it over the water. She released the chain from her grasp and the pearl dropped

silently, sinking to the depths below. As she turned to leave, she thought she could see a

faint glow shining through to the surface from the murky depths below.

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