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Top: Bergamot /apple / Cassis

Middle: Galbanum / Rose / Vetyver /cedarwood / Agarwood

Base: Moss / Musk / Patchouli /amber / Leather

It was abandoned. An old, disused building, its previous business now unknown and

indistinguishable. There was a warehouse next to it but other than that, the land remained

undeveloped. The concrete was worn and cracked with blooms of beautiful pink wildflowers

growing thick in patches. He tried to gauge how this building was found and where exactly

he was but his mind moved quickly as the chill reached him. It felt colder inside as they

entered the building. Shafts of light pierced through the exposed and broken roof and the

sound of soft rain drew his eyes up to the water leaking steadily from the light fixtures on

the ceilings. As he walked up the stairs, he noticed there wasn’t one piece of furniture in the

house. He stopped at the landing, somewhere between the second and third floors and

between the cracked steps a single bright pink bloom emerged from the darkness, bathing

in the glory of a small shaft of light.

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