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Oriental Floral Fruity

Top : Green Apple / Peach / Green Pear / Lemon / Bergamot

Middle : Tagete / Rose / Leather / oud

Base: Patchouli / Sandalwood/ Cedarwood / Birch

The cold is deep late at night. They shuffle in the shadows of the

willows that hug the twisting river. The enticing glow humming

through the windows beckons them. They know where they are going.

They know who they are here to see. Her name rolls off their tongue

like candles dripping their wax. Inside the warmth she waits in the

scent of orchids and tobacco flowers, dissolving behind veils and

curtains as they float through behind her. Their lips are starved and

their desire glows through the gloom as they dip their hands through

her body, as though plunging into pools of cream. She grasps peasants

and princes delighting in all their devotions. They drop their pebbles

into a wishing well, hoping to touch the ripples that lay beyond. Of

those who fell into the depths of her, they never to return and she

revels in every man lost, remaining poised through the rising smoke of

her cigarette.

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