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Floral Woody

Top: Pink Pepper / Bergamot

Middle: Iris / Rose / Jasmine

Base: Amber / Sandalwood / Patchouli / Musc

It’s very late at night. He knows this is wrong that he shouldn’t be here. It’s not his place to

be here. She walks up the garden path. The grass is neatly manicured around

the concrete slabs that her high heels walk on. She invites him in for a drink and hesitation

turns into resignation as he slowly follows her. By the time he reaches the front door, she

has already disappeared inside, the large white front door ajar in the still night. When he

enters he hears music and he finds in front of him a house only worthy of the Hollywood

hills. Brushed in tones of cream, a white leather sofa is flanked by two sharp green palms in

white pots. A glass coffee table and white phone are the only other distinguishing features

in the room. The music draws his attention to the right and a lone record player on a Danish

sideboard turns a record around and around. In the distance beyond the large glass

windows lay the lights of Hollywood, sparkling like stars.

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