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Top: Herbal, Cardamom & Black Pepper

Middle: Galbanum, Cedar Atlas, Hinoki, Cumin & Jasmine

Base: Oud Buaya Laos, Amber & Musk

He moved along the shadows as the drains spewed out thick clouds of steam, the distant

police sirens wailing in the night. Wrapping his trench coat around him he tried to dodge the

large raindrops that dripped from the tarnished drain pipes running along the roofs of the

battered shops. He knew his way around Chinatown well and flittered between alleyways,

moving past men wheeling crates of goods and bustling kitchen staff smoking at the back of

restaurants. He found the door he was looking for and silently slipped into the brick facade

out of the rain. The noises from the busy street were instantly muted with the thump of the

door behind him. The smell of perfume instantly hit his nose and the aura of the place

flooded back like a nostalgic dream. He felt his way along the darkened corridor flanked with

maroon velvet curtains. He reached the door and knocked timidly. He heard a shuffle and

soft movements and the door clicked ajar.

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